was established in 2004 as a full casino supply website as a 1 stop shop business model. Since then we have served thousands of customers ranging from home poker players to casino party rental companies. As the industry changed, we too have changed our business model. We no longer carry chips, cards, or any other accessories items and have narrowed our focus on 1 thing.
We now are the largest supplier in the world of premium poker cloths...period. We will not boast about having the lowest price on our products mainly because we are not Walmart!!!
If your looking for something cheap, sorry I can't help you. There are dozens of drop ship, imposter chinese made, sites on the internet that can help you.

We do however focus on 3 things.. in order ..they are...
Quality, Selection, & Personal Service! You will not find another website anywhere that will compete..period!
Any Suggestions or tips on improving your buying experience here are appreciated.

Feel free to call us discuss your needs without any hassles any time between 8AM and 10PM CST 605-951-0605